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JD, Ctrip Reached Strategic Cooperation

JD Group and Ctrip Group formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, Ctrip's core product supply chain will be connected to the JD platform. The two parties will implement full cooperation in user traffic, channel resource, cross-border marketing, business trip expansion, and e-commerce sectors.

Under the strategic cooperation agreement signed by the two parties, Ctrip will provide real-time product inventory and very competitive product price to JD. Meanwhile, JD will access Ctrip's core product supply chain and JD platform's user traffic will be opened to Ctrip to provide full support to Ctrip's travel product supply chain in terms of daily operations and precision marketing.

In addition, the two parties jointly raised "five major cooperation visions", including larger user group coverage, channel resource sharing, fully coverage of online and offline trading scenarios, brand cross-border marketing, and business trip expansion.

In the future, the two parties will jointly focus on in-depth exploration of life travel business. By combining travel with physical goods, logistics and big data, they will create to innovate business models and user experiences to create the most trustworthy and satisfactory travel platform for users.

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