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Dada Group, Mengniu Upgrade Strategic Cooperation

Mengniu and Dada Group recently announced a strategic cooperation upgrade and the two parties will join hands to explore real-time retail business model innovation and a new marketing model integrating online and offline.

According to the strategic agreement, the two parties will implement comprehensive cooperation in digital marketing innovation, full-domain user operations, category management and supply chain capacity building. Mengniu will also invest more resources to work with JD Daojia in the real-time retail sector to achieve breakthrough sales and marketing innovations, and ultimately help Mengniu's room temperature products achieve further sales growth.

For digital marketing innovation, JD Daojia will create more customized marketing activities for Mengniu to fully tap its sales potential. Through targeted marketing, they will deeply build user minds, build brand loyalty, and increase user purchase frequency. At the same time, they will deeply apply consumer big data to achieve full-link digital marketing.

For full-domain user operations, JD Daojia will help Mengniu open up full-domain user data. With the big data analysis capabilities of its Monica system, JD Daojia will help Mengniu deeply study full-domain user behavior, fully tap the value of data, and provide Mengniu with differentiated user operation solutions.

For category management, the two parties will jointly explore the consumption characteristics of dairy products in the O2O channel, so as to better, faster, and more specifically meet consumer demand for normal temperature dairy products and stimulate consumption potential.

For supply chain capacity building, Dada will use its system to assist Mengniu to realize the integrated management of O2O omni-channel price and inventory, and help Mengniu optimize its sales strategy and promotion methods in real time.

Prior to this, Dada has already formed a cooperative relationship with Mengniu and has become one of the fastest growing channels for Mengniu's normal temperature product sales. Statistics show that Mengniu's sales on JD Daojia increased by 176% from January to August 2020.

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