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Meituan Dianping Formally Renamed To Meituan

Meituan recently published an announcement, stating that the company had been renamed from "Meituan Dianping" to "Meituan", effective on September 30, 2020.

The company had been called "Meituan Dianping" since the merger between Meituan and Dazhong Dianping.

On September 11, Meituan Dianping issued an announcement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange saying that it intends to simplify the company's name to "Meituan". The company said that this move will help establish a unified brand image of the company externally, and enhance users and merchants' awareness of the company's multi-service capabilities.

Meituan said that the name change is another key measure for the unification and integration of Meituan's online and offline traffic and brand. The simplification of the name will not have any impact on its business direction, organizational structure, or company operations.

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