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Taobao To Withdraw From Taiwan By End Of 2020

According to reports in Taiwanese local media, Taobao Taiwan released an announcement on October 15 that the company would stop operations in Taiwan on December 31, 2020.

Taobao Taiwan said in the statement that since it started its service on the island in 2019, it has been supported by consumers, sellers and partners, and has continued to actively work hard to communicate and explore new development possibilities. However, after careful evaluation, considering that there are still many uncertain factors in the market environment, the company reluctantly decided to formally stop operations in Taiwan at 23:59 on December 31 this year.

Starting from 11:00 on October 15, Taobao's Taiwan platform has closed functions such as order placement, seller entry, and product listings. The platform will fully assist sellers in fulfilling established transaction orders as soon as possible, and simultaneously protect the rights and interests of both consumers and sellers.

Prior to this, Taiwan's "Ministry of Economics Investment Review Committee" determined that Taobao Taiwan was a Chinese mainland invested company. The government fined Taobao Taiwan TWD410,000 and asked it to withdraw or correct its investment within six months.

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