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Swire Coca-Cola, Aliyun Reached Cooperation

According to reports in Chinese local media, Swire Coca-Cola and Aliyun recently reached cooperation.

Based on Aliyun's data technology, central platform, AI and AIoT, Swire Coca-Cola will systematically promote the intelligentization of all links from production, supply chain, logistics, marketing to the membership system, paving the way for fast-moving consumer goods to enter the era of all-link intelligence.

Swire Coca-Cola is the fifth largest bottling group by sales in Coca-Cola's global bottling system. The company always attaches great importance to the use of IT technology for business operations, and its complete IT system covers various links, including production, sales, logistics, finance, data analysis and human resources management. In recent years, Swire Coca-Cola has begun to promote digital transformation in response to the new challenges brought by mobile and digitalization, and it started overall cloud access in 2017.

Su Wei, president of Swire Coca-Cola, said that digital strategy was a very important pillar of the company's business strategy. Swire Coca-Cola has been promoting the in-depth integration of the beverage industry and the information technology industry to lead industry development and industrial upgrade.

Prior to this, Swire Coca-Cola already implemented cooperation with Alibaba. Starting from 2017, some of the company's regional branches teamed with Alibaba in channel construction, sales point expansion and precision marketing empowered by digital technologies. In 2020, Swire Coca-Cola also plans to implement in-depth cooperation with Aliyun for more businesses in China.

The cooperation will promote the systematic overall cooperation between Swire Coca-Cola and Aliyun.

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