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La Chapelle President Resigned

La Chapelle recently published an announcement, stating that its president Zhang Danling has resigned due to personal reasons.

After resignation, Zhang will continue to work as director of the company and hold corresponding positions of the special committee of the board of directors; meanwhile, Zhang Ying will take over the president role.

This is the fifth president of La Chapelle this year.

In October 2019, the company's chairman and president Xing Jiaxing resigned the president position, which was taken over by Yu Qiang.

In February 2020, La Chapelle said that Yu needed to invest more time and energy in his own business, and had resigned his positions as executive director and president. At the same time, Xing was appointed as president again.

In April, La Chapelle announced that Xing resigned due to personal reasons, and vice president Yin Xinzai was promoted to president.

In August, the company announced that Yin resigned due to personal reasons.

On November 5, the company announced to hire new president Zhang Danling, who resigned after one month.

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