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Kimberly-Clark China Strengthens Retail Healthcare Products

Kimberly-Clark and Dada Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement for 2022 in Shanghai.

According to Dada Group's on-demand retail platform, JDDJ and Shop Now's data, sales of mum & baby products, as well as sanitary products, continue to grow rapidly as one-hour delivery services and on-demand consumption have flourished this year. Great potential exists for a sustainable expansion of strategic cooperation between Dada and Kimberly-Clark China. Under the cooperation agreement for 2022, Dada Group will deepen its cooperation with Kimberly-Clark China via Shop Now's omni-channel strategy, supply optimization, marketing promotion, regional coordination and tripartite collaboration to stimulate new growth in categories such as mum & baby, and sanitary products.

In November 2018, Kimberly-Clark China and Dada Group previously reached a collaborative agreement. The two companies announced in October 2020 that they had deepened their strategic cooperation by developing a new on-demand retail model of health care brands. During the three-year close cooperation, Kimberly-Clark China has seen a continual strong increase in sales on the JDDJ platform. This partnership has compelled the development of health care brands in the on-demand retail market.

During the Women's Day Festival this year, JDDJ and Kimberly-Clark China jointly launched the Super Brand Day marketing campaign. Leveraging the participation of celebrities, the event integrated resources of online platforms and offline supermarket stores, sparking a boom of the "She-Economy," achieving a win-win partnership between the platform and brand. During the event, K-C China's sales on the JDDJ platform increased by over 3.2 times compared with that of the same period of last year, and more than 8.6 times compared to sales last month. For five consecutive days in category sales, Kimberly-Clark China became the top brand.

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