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Papa John's Opens First Restaurant In South China

Papa John's International today announced the opening of its first restaurant in the south of China. The restaurant located in Shenzhen is the first of many planned Papa John's locations in the region.

"This is the forerunner to significant growth expected in the south China region for Papa John's," said Bill Van Epps, Chief Operations Officer. "We are confident that the residents of Shenzhen will embrace Papa John's commitment to quality, making our pizza a big winner for families seeking 'Better Ingredients, Better Pizza'. Asian culture expects higher quality and that is what they will get from us."

Papa John's is the second largest American pizza franchiser in China with 15 restaurants in Shanghai, five restaurants in Beijing and now a restaurant in Shenzhen. Papa John's opened its first international restaurant in Mexico City in 1998. Today, Papa John's has 415 international restaurants in 19 countries including Bahrain, China, Canada, Oman, Peru, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Ecuador and Venezuela.

While international menus may vary based on the needs and preferences of different cultures, Papa John's core superior-quality pizza product remains the same all over the world. The crust of every Papa John's traditional pizza is made with fresh (never frozen) dough prepared with clear-filtered water. Papa John's uses only fresh-packed tomato sauce made from vine-ripened tomatoes, cheese made with 100% mozzarella and other high-quality toppings.

In the past six years, Papa John's received the highest rating among all national fast food restaurants in The American Customer Satisfaction Index survey conducted by The National Quality Research Center at the University of Michigan Business School. Papa John's has also been recognized as "Best Pizza" in more than 50 U.S. markets.

5 Comments on "Papa John's Opens First Restaurant In South China"

  1. Papa John's pizza in Shenzhen is great! We perfer it to the competition. However, the delivery service is appauling. After waiting for an hour for the delivery, we phoned and asked when the pizza would arrive. The answer we got was, "Maybe" 10 minutes." Maybe??? On another occassion, our pizza did not arrive at all after we had waited for hour and a half. The girl who took our order could barely speak English and had no idea what kind we wanted…so we presumed she just ignored the our order altogether and did not put it through. She kept asking for our address even though we are already in the restaurant's system as regulars. Not impressed but not surprised….

  2. Just spent 278RMB on a home delivery that was AWFUL! The mushroom soup was as weak as water and COLD, the two pizzas, well there wasn't even enough topping to give them a complete covering! The crust was so hard my daughter couldn't break it even! We called the Shekou branch where we ordered and they quite obviously didn't give a damn! Will never eat at a Papa Johns again and will heartily recommend other people not to also!

  3. Agreed!! I saw this article and thought the same thing!

    I loved their pizza in college in the US but in China their service has been consistently been horrible. I gave them 3 chances and a few months ago stopped ordering their food. Just really bad, lazy service and they always got the orders wrong!

  4. I find you people wrong and thought it was actually quite good,

  5. Tatiana:
    Then why dont you learn Chinese?! Do you expect everyone to accomodate you!?

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