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Starbucks Plans Flagship Store In Xi'an

Wang Jinlong, chairman of Starbucks China, says his company hopes to make Xi'an an important city in the northwest part of China to develop its business and wants to work with the local government to quickly open new businesses.

Wang said that he will bring the successful operation model of Starbucks to Xi'an and set up a flagship store there.

Starbucks was started in Seattle in 1971. At present, it has 11000 chain stores across the world, including up to 200 stores in Beijing, Shanghai and the rest of China.

3 Comments on "Starbucks Plans Flagship Store In Xi'an"

  1. This is horrible! One of the things I love about Xi'an is that it has not yet been infiltrated by Starbucks! I guess the hope that it would remain thus was foolish. Most people in the city won't even be able to afford it!

  2. Those of us who are expats living in Xi'an China have been wondering and waiting for Starbucks to arrive. True, it is overpriced for the majority of those living in China, but then we heard it is coming to an area of town where some people have 2 or more cars! It seems that some could afford it.
    However, we have been hearing conflicting news-is this for real? Are you really coming Starbucks? We are waiting!!! Please let us know if this is a joke.

  3. When will it open? I just moved to Xi'an from a coastline city. Finding a cup of good coffee becomes an issue here! Colleagues and I have to buy coffee bean and machine from HK to DIY. Hope it open as soon as possible.

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