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Beijing: B&Q Replaces The OBI

The signboard of one of OB's stores in Beijing's Yizhuang area has been replaced with that of B&Q following OBI's acquisition by B&Q.

The new B&Q store sells sand and cement inside the supermarket.

A representative from B&Q Beijing's Outsourcing Department says that the sales of these basic building materials at the Yizhuang store provides great convenience for individuals and companies.

But it is not known whether B&Q will expand this service to other stores. B&Q plans to open 12 to15 stores in Beijing.

In addition, it hopes to make its total store number in China reach or even exceed 60 by the end of this year. This means it will open 10 new stores in the next seven months.

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  1. Where are the branches lokated. I am looking for them.
    Rgs Hudson

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