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Carrefour Brewing Big Purchase In China

Carrefour has launched a new market strategy in China that focuses on opening new stores and acquisition.

A representative from Carrefour has told local media that the company will increase expansion in China in the coming three years. Besides opening new stores, they will purchase some retail stores for further development.

Shi Rongle, president of Carrefour China, says that his company may acquire at least 10 retailers in China. And the acquisition of Shanghai Nextmall is just part of their expansion plan. Li says that during the expansion, they will integrate some good retailing sources of China into its business.

Carrefour withdrew many resources from the Korean market last month to focus on the development in China region. At present, Carrefour has 75 stores in China.

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  1. waterlily | May 22, 2006 at 10:06 am |

    I hope China can appear such powerful chain supermarket in near future.

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