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7-Eleven Considering Change Of Chinese Franchise Model

Local media report that convenience store retailer 7-Eleven is planning to change its franchising pattern in China.

The headquarters of 7-Eleven has set up a special office for the promotion of the new franchising operation. They will invest about RMB600,000 on the franchise pattern in the initial stage.

A representative from the franchising office of 7-Eleven has told local media that the company is now negotiating with relevant government departments for the shift in its franchising operations.

7-Eleven has 30 convenience stores in Beijing, all of which are directly-owned by the company.

4 Comments on "7-Eleven Considering Change Of Chinese Franchise Model"

  1. aichun huang | May 5, 2010 at 7:49 pm |

    i have experience in retail merchandising (commercial) for more than 17 years with being in the executive position for more than 15 years. I'm currently woking as trading director of tesco and before joining tesco i was the senior vice president of Lotus China owned by CP group.
    i have the interests to franchise 7 eleven in Beijing China. with the strong commercial background, i believe i have the advantage of running the business well.

  2. i am not giving comment. i wish to open 7-eleven retails outlet in dalian, china. please advice me the details. thank you

  3. i wish to open 7-eleven in guangzhou pls give me the details
    thanks bye

  4. I am interested in investing in 7 eleven franchises in Guangxi provonce, Guilin City
    can you please provide any details for this
    thank you

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