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Malaysia's Secret Recipe Plans 100 China Outlets

Steven Sim, CEO of Malaysian confectioner Secret Recipe, says the company plans to open 100 outlets in China by 2010.

Speaking to reporters on July 6 after signing international franchise agreements with the company’s partners from East Malaysia, India and New Zealand in Putrajaya, Sim said China is "a challenging market" and a lot of ground work needed to be done.

He said the company was looking at either carrying out a joint venture with local partners or implementing a franchise scheme in its expansion to China.

"Obviously Shanghai will be our first target market and Beijing next," Sim said.

There are currently 120 Secret Recipe outlets in Southeast Asia.

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  1. Patrick Heng | November 13, 2013 at 6:43 pm |


    I think Secret Recipe will fail as their outlet cannot even cook food when I requested to have less oil and salt in it. Their staff even laughed at me when I made such request.

    The food group did not properly train their staff, poorly managed and it does not have a food health mindset!

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