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Motorola Begins Global Flagship Stores In Shanghai

Motorola has launched a worldwide initiative to open Motorola branded stores in key markets with the opening of its first "Global Flagship Store" in a busy shopping area in downtown Shanghai.

Motorola Flagship Stores feature a unique, interactive layout, highly trained staff, phone customization and experience pods. All are intended to create a deeply experiential environment that incorporates Motorola's full product range and bring to life Motorola's vision of seamless mobility.

"Motorola's Flagship Stores are designed to help consumers get more out of their Motorola products, beginning with an enhanced purchase experience and continuing throughout the time they own the tools for connection and communication," said Motorola's Jeremy Dale, vice-president of retail marketing. "We believe that through personalized service, an innovative and engaging retail environment, and a broad presence of these stores in the market, we offer a truly seamless consumer experience and will drive overall sales of the entire Motorola product family."

Motorola has spent the last two years deeply engaged in a global research and development effort around the new retail concept, and as a result has come up with an approach that is centered around the consumer.

The Shanghai Motorola Flagship Store is the first of four planned for mainland China, with additional key locations throughout Asia and around the world to follow.

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  1. Does anyone know where exactly this " flagship store" is in Shanghai?

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