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Gome CEO Joins Hands With Walgreens

Huang Guangyu, president and CEO of Chinese electronics retailer Gome, says he will personally cooperate with Walgreens, one of the biggest chain drugstores in the world, to start the Gome Medical and Pharmaceutical Company in Beijing.

Huang plans to invest RMB2 billion to RMB3 billion to build more Gome drugstores all over China by using the advanced management systems from Walgreens.

Huang, who will run the stores himself with no affiliation to Gome, and he hopes to build 10 chain drugstores in Beijing by the end of 2006.

Walgreens now it owns 5251 drugstores in 45 states in the United States.

2 Comments on "Gome CEO Joins Hands With Walgreens"

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