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Starbucks Opens Own China Headquarters

Weng Yideng, vice president of Starbucks China Management Company, has disclosed that Starbucks China will soon separate from its Starbucks Asia Pacific Headquarters to open a headquarters of its own in China.

Starbucks China headquarters will be located in Shanghai and will report directly to Starbucks' U.S. headquarters.

Weng says that Starbucks decided to set up a China headquarters because of the great market potential in China, and the headquarters in Shanghai will gradually expand its scale to strengthen the management on each of its branches in China.

2 Comments on "Starbucks Opens Own China Headquarters"

  1. Norbert Harms | November 7, 2008 at 10:31 am |

    It would be much better for Starbucks to train their Chinese staff better. I spend every day quite some time and money in Starbuck. Now I can say "I spent".

    It was annoying to almost having to argue with "Chinese" staff just to get served. While this attitude is common in Chinese business world, one would expect a foreign company would not follow this principle when enterring the Chinese market. Yet, with Starbucks I experienced to be profen wrong in my theory!

    Lucky there are alternatives to Starbucks and – just to enjoy a coffee I don't have to put up with the Chinese mentality to spoil my coffee.

    Best wishes.

  2. Why doesn’t Starbucks in China provide artificial sweeteners? Why don’t they provide service to the diabetes population of China? Why no Equal, Sweet & Low, or Sativa? Why is every drink packed full of sugar, yet no sweet tasting yet sugar free flavors served?

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