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Sephora Increases China Expansion

Following the opening of its seventh China store at Biejing's China World Trade Center, cosmetic retailer Sephora now plans to expand its business into second-tier Chinese cities.

Thierry Jaugeas, president of Sephora's Asian and China Region, says that since they entered China in April last year, all their stores have been located in Beijing and Shanghai. Now after they are familiar with Chinese consumers they want to open stores in other cities in the country.

Thierry Jaugeas says that Sephora will open a new store in Hangzhou on September 19. Two other stores will be successively opened in October and November in Ningbo. He also says that Sephora will increase its expansion in China and try to have 100 stores in China by 2010.

Sephora has 550 stores in 14 countries around the world.

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  1. Tian Ruizi | March 17, 2008 at 7:12 pm |

    Please advise me whether I could be acted an agent for Sephora in Liaoning Anshan or Dalian of China?

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