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The Pizza Company Eyes More China Openings

Todd Mischke, chief executive officer of Minor Group China, has told local media that the Pizza Company, which is one of Minor's brands, will increase its store number from the current 8 to 250 in the following five years in China.

Entering China in 2005, the Pizza Company is newer in the market than the other pizza stores like Peppe's and Papa Johns. However, the Pizza Company has opened 8 stores in 18 months, which is faster than many rivals.

Mischke says that the current 8 stores of the Pizza Company are all directly operated, while the expected 250 stores will have 210 franchisees. The franchising fee for a Pizza Company is about RMB2 million to RMB3 million.

He also says that the Pizza Company will focus on growing in first-tied cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu and choose five partners to help build The Pizza Company into the second biggest pizza chain in China, after Pizza Hut.

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