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Sephora Launches Chinese Shopping Website

Beauty chain Sephora has announced the launch of its online shopping website into China.

Kang Yajun, new general manager of Sephora China, says that the company will continue expanding its business to accompany growth of its online sales. He says that Sephora will open at least one store each month and extend its business to second and third-tied cities such as Hangzhou and Ningbo.

Sephora will unveil the shopping website in China through two stages. During the first stage, it will mainly sell its own brands and exclusive products. Then from the beginning of 2007, it will begin selling all kinds of brands.

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  1. Zcharmaine Ting | April 24, 2008 at 12:46 am |

    hi id like to know if you have a store somewhere near the city of macau?my sister will be flying there this friday,and id like her to buy me somethings at your store..i hope you'll reply asap tnx

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