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New Tesco Next Month In Beijing

Following the tide of foreign retailers flocking to China, UK's Tesco will open its stores in Beijing at the beginning of February.

Tesco is now preparing for the opening of its three stores in Beijing, which will be located in Dacheng International Center, Vecchio Plaza in OCT China and Lishui Bridge, respectively. These three stores will be opened to the public at the beginning of February.

The Tesco in Dacheng International Center will have a business are of 20000 sqm and the company has not disclosed details about the other locations.

3 Comments on "New Tesco Next Month In Beijing"

  1. I live in Beijing, can you advise the address and phone of the new store that has apparently been opened??

  2. Is it possible to hqve the address of your store in Beijing?
    Impossible to find it on the net…

  3. I need the addresses of the TESCO hypermarkets in Beijing, so that I can locate them on map and visit the nearest one. I live in Qinghe.

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