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Tiens To Expand International Market

China-based Tiens has announced plans to set up directly-run supermarkets on a global basis, aiming to have 3000 to 4000 supermarkets both directly-run and franchised.

Li Jinyuan, chairman of Tiens, says that the development focus of Tiens this year will be expanding its supermarket operation in order to escape the traditional pattern of its labor network. The first directly-run supermarket of Tiens will be located in Tianjin, where the head office of Tiens is located, and will be opened on February 8.

Tiens will open 50 directly-run supermarkets in the north of the Yangtze River by the end of this year and then expand to the areas in the south of the Yangtse River next year.

Li says that by 2010, Tiens will have 1000 directly-run supermarkets and 2000 to 3000 franchised stores around the world. He also says that each Tiens supermarket will provide more than 10000 kinds of goods, including fresh food, fruit, commodities, clothes and home appliances Tiens hopes to compete with the world's retailing giant Wal-Mart.

Founded in 1992, Tiens is a large-scale global enterprise with operations in over 190 countries and regions with a customer base of over 10 million.

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