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P&G Restarts SK-II Outlets

Procter & Gamble Hong Kong says that two subsidiaries of P&G have been established in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively, taking the responsibility of operating SK-II counters in those regions.

A representative from P&G China says that after last year's health scare involving SK-II products, SK-II's sales have resumed in 19 of its former 97 counters in mainland China.

The representative told local media that the establishment of the two new subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Taiwan, respectively, symbolizes that the import and sale of SK-II will be undertaken by a professional team and system from now on. The contracts signed by SK-II and shopping malls previously are still valid.

Luo Xielong, president of China Beauty & Cosmetic Chamber, says that the opening of these two branches also shows that P&G will strengthen its control on the retailing terminals of SK-II. He believes that the reason for the problematic products of SK-II in the past lay in the failure of communication between retailers and P&G to a great extent.

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  1. where can i find sk-ii outlet in hongkong? pls email the exact address. tnx

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