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J-Kung Fu Will Add Eight Restaurants In Shanghai

Guangdong-based Chinese fast food J-Kung Fu will focus on developing eastern China market this year and it will give special attention to Shanghai market where it will open eight new restaurants this year.

J-Kung Fu has appointed a new general manager for the eastern China market and it plans to double its human resource in the region this year. J-Kung Fu's newly appointed eastern China market general manager Wang Zihui says that J-Kung Fu's business revenue in Shanghai increased about 25% in 2006, but it currently only has five direct-selling restaurants in Shanghai since its entry into Shanghai market in 2004.

Wang explains to local media that the slow increase of restaurant numbers in Shanghai is mainly because of the difficulty in choosing locations. Wang says that J-Kung Fu will add 13 restaurants in eastern China this year, of which no less than eight will be set up in Shanghai. The eight new J-Kung Fu restaurants are expected to be located in such commercial centers like Xujiahui, Zhabei and Luwan.

J-Kung Fu specializes in offering Chinese fast food to consumers.

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