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Electronics Companies Forge China Retail Alliance

Suning has signed a cooperation agreement with top home appliance providers Siemens and Sony.

The three parties have formed a 3S Alliance (S refers to the initial letter of the three parties) and they will cooperate on a whole range of businesses ranging from product development, marketing and after-sales service to jointly increase their capacity in serving high-end consumers in China.

One of the most important missions of the 3S Alliance is to provide service and experience beyond Chinese consumers' expectations by focusing on product and service quality. The three parties have also set a series of targets for their cooperation. First, they will form a medium and high-end product R&D platform to develop value-added products for individual consumers. Second, they will form a marketing alliance, and third they will jointly offer new service experiences to consumers.

On home appliance package services, both Siemens and Sony promise to provide their latest products to Suning and offer discounts to consumers who buy a whole set of Siemens or Sony electrical appliances.

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  1. Sir ,
    It is my pleasure to do business with your company.well i realise that you people have various electrical compoments. we are dealing with electrical materials, such as tv,frige,computers, mobile phones, phone accessories, house hold appliances etc.
    well if you are interest to do business with us then contact us for this deal ,then we will go a long way and a large market in Africa(Cameroon)
    waiting for urgent reply asap.
    Best regards
    General Manager

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