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Dell Opens Direct Sales Store In Zhongguancun's Science and Technology Channel reports that Dell had opened a direct sales store in Beijing's Zhongguancun area to sell a variety of Dell laptop computers and to provide Dell's standard after-sales service.

Though Dell has opened a number of boutique stores or retailing stores in some second and third-tier cities of China, it is rare to see such a store appear in the key IT zone of Zhongguancun.

According to a staff member from Dell's new store in Zhongguancun, the new store sells almost all of Dell's products and offers a price cheaper than those sold online. However, the staff member denies that their store is a new addition of Dell's new direct-selling channel.

In the second half of this year, Dell has been pressing on the laying out of its distribution service around the globe. In early July, VST announced plans to cooperate with Dell on distribution services. Soon after that, Dell appointed a top executive to be responsible for global distribution services. So far, Dell has not made any formal comment on this new store.

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  1. any outlet at shanghai, pls supply direct contact, such as location, phone number

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