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Retail Payment Solution For Beijing Transit Card

Blue Bamboo has teamed up with KPay to launch retail payment services for the Beijing transit card.

"We are excited to be working with KPay in the China transportation segment and to have the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to provide a simple, reliable and affordable payment solution," said Jason Jones, CEO of Blue Bamboo. "By leveraging our technology with KPay's marketing expertise and merchant relationships, we are able to offer consumer's speed and convenience for micro-payments."

KPay and Blue Bamboo have partnered to integrate contactless IC technology into the Blue Bamboo H50 GPRS Terminal to provide a point-of-sale solution deployed into local convenience stores, where Beijing transit cards are being accepted for "tap-and-go" retail purchases.

With over 12 million transit cards issued to commuters in Beijing for use in the subway, buses and taxis, merchants can quickly realize the benefits of this fast, reliable, and secure contactless payment solution. KPay expects their point-of-sale solution footprint will grow to cover thousands of retail stores in Beijing by the end of 2007.

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