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McDonald's Opens Built-In Coffee Shop In Guangzhou

McDonald's told local media during the 15th anniversary ceremony of McDonald's Guangzhou that the company's first in-store coffee shop in Guangdong will open as a McCafe.

On January 7, 2008, McDonald's announced that it would open coffee shops in the 14,000 McDonald's restaurants in America.

"McDonald's in China will be consistent with other McDonald's around the world. The mode used in America will also be used in China." says Zhou Weicheng, vice-president of McDonald's (China). He also says that those coffee shops will be opened in McDonald's in Guangdong in the middle of this year.

According to the menu that McDonald's revealed in America, consumers will be able to enjoy different kinds of coffees, including cappuccino, latte and mocha, in McDonald's McCafes.

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  1. McDonald's mocha really isn't all that bad, but it costs way too much considering that it's from McDonald's.

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