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Aokang Opens First Overseas Specialty Store In India

According to a report in First Financial Daily, Aokang Group, China's biggest private footwear enterprise, has opened its first overseas specialty store in New Delhi, India.

In addition, the group plans to open 100 stores within 2008. Aokang Group opened specialty stores in the United States, Italy and Spain a few years ago. However, because of logistics and transportation reasons, those stores were not successful and have been withdrawn.

But this time, Aokang's Indian store takes a different mode of operation. The operation of Aokang' overseas marketing network is localized. All the managerial staff are Indian. Early in June 2007, Aokang started the operation of its Indian company and sent local staff to investigate the market, select store locations and train the workers.

Anirudh Banerjee, general manager of Aokang India, says that the company decided to open Aokang's first Indian specialty store in MGF Metropolitan Mall, the most powerful mall in India, because as the first step to promote the brand, entering core shopping malls will be helpful to become better known. Different from in China's market, Aokang's development in India will mainly focus on franchise development.

Apart from the layout in India, Aokang also started two companies in the United States and Hong Kong at the same time. In addition, the group plans to explore the markets of Japan and the United Kingdom. By 2010, the total number of Aokang Group's overseas stores is expected to reach 1,000.

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  1. Rajneesh Khanna | April 17, 2011 at 11:55 am |

    Anniruddh Banergee director of Aokang India is a big fraud. There is a huge outstanding approx 5Cr. on him and varrious FIR and cases logged against him in court. He is announced untracceabe. ANY ONE KNOW ABOUT HIM , PL INFORM DELHI POLICE.

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