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Tesco To Open First Energy-saving Store In Tianjin

According to reports in local media, Tesco will locate its first energy-saving store in central China in Tianjin and the store is expected to be opened at the end of September 2008.

Tesco opened an energy-saving store in Shanghai in January this year. With new types of lighting, heating, and ventilation equipment, the electric power losses of energy-saving stores can be greatly reduced, which will reduce the running costs of these stores and indirectly reduce the prices of their products, increase customer traffic, and increase Tesco's market share in China. The newly opened Tesco Tianjin store is a hypermarket, in which over 20,000 product-lines will be sold.

The Chinese government has been promoting and supporting the opening of energy-saving stores in recent years. In 2007, Carrefour opened energy-saving stores with a energy-saving rate of 20% in cities such as Beijing and Wuhan. At the same time, many retailers have started to install energy-saving electric power source and equipment when opening new stores.

Tesco now has 56 stores in China, of which two are located in Beijing.

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  1. They've just opened another one (3rd!) in Tieling, North-east China!

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