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Beijing's First H&M Specialty Store To Open This Spring

The international apparel retailer Hennes & Mauritz has announced that the company plans to open 225 new specialty stores around the world in 2009, and its first specialty store will be opened in Beijing this spring.

H&M says in its report that its newly opened specialty stores in 2009 will be mainly located in the United States and Europe. However, the company is very interested in the two potential markets, Russia and China. It plans to open three new H&M specialty stores in Moscow, the Russian capital, before the end of 2009 and will open its first specialty store in China's capital Beijing in the spring of 2009.

Founded in 1947, H&M is the largest apparel retailer in Europe by sales. At present, it owns about 1,700 specialty stores in various major cities in the world, including Shanghai and Hong Kong, providing working opportunities for about 55,000 employees worldwide.

3 Comments on "Beijing's First H&M Specialty Store To Open This Spring"

  1. Hey HI!

    According to your info there will be a H&M outlet in Beijing? When is the exact date will it be opened? Cause i'm a student and will be going to Beijing for my school's project somewhere around 1st June onwards. Apparently Singapore have not got any H&M outlet yet, therefore, i was thinking to go China and get clothing from H&M there. I really wish there'll be an outlet at Beijing before the time i'll be doing my exchange program!

    Fan of H&M,

  2. I was just wondering if you know what month it will open

  3. yeah, please tell us when i will open, cannot wait to shop in there.

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