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Specialty Stamp Shop Opens In Changsha

With the approval of China Post, a speciality postage stamp shop has been opened in Changsha, Hunan.

With a business area of 70 square meters, the speciality stamp shop is located in the downtown business district of Cai East South Road. The pattern and branding of the shop are designed by China Courier Service Corporation in a unified style. By high-tech means, including sound, light, and electronics, the shop aims to show a new culture-oriented stamp collecting concept to customers.

A representative from China Post Hunan branch told local media that the speciality stamp store will not only provide stamp collecting products and services to stamp fans, but also offer opportunities to young people who want to develop new concept stamp products and fashionable gifts.

With the opening of the first stamp specialty shop, this new business opportunity will be developed into a nationwide retail chain to meet the culture demands of consumers from all walks of life.

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