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Changyi Technologies Establishes Strategic Partnership With Retalix

Chinese retail information solutions provider Changyi Technologies has set up a strategic partnership with the retail solutions provider Retalix, to provide more advanced information technology to Chinese retail enterprises.

The two parties have announced that over the next year, they will be working together to promote Retalix' chain management software products, including Retalix StoreLine, Retalix Loyalty, and Retalix StorePoint, and will jointly develop a new supermarket information system that is suitable for the Chinese market.

In addition, the cooperation of the two companies is expected to combine the global vision with localized services to enhance the development of Chinese retail enterprises.

Headquartered in Israel, Retalix is a 27-year-old technology company that provides software solutions to retailers and distributors worldwide. Its clients include Tesco, Watsons, Ikea, Lotus, Carrefour, and China National Petroleum Corporation.

As one of the earliest retail information service companies in China, Changyi Technologies is mainly engaged in retail system development and related consulting services. Its clients include over 800 major distribution firms in China, covering shopping centers, department stores, chain supermarkets, convenience stores, and specialty stores.

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