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Rt-Mart To Open First Supermarket In Beijing

According to reports in local media, Taiwan-based supermarket retailer Rt-Mart plans to open its first outlet in Beijing and this new supermarket will be located in Beijng's Chinatown Shopping Plaza.

One of the world's largest supermarket chain retailers, Rt-Mart entered the mainland China market in 1997 and by the end of 2008 it had opened 102 outlets in the mainland market. In 2001, the company teamed-up with the French retailer Auchan to jointly develop the mainland market and the two companies recently announced plans to set up a joint venture and, perhaps, to launch an initial public offering in Hong Kong in 2010.

Though Rt-Mart did not reveal the progress for its merger with Auchan, it is rumored that the company's new flagship store in Beijing is currently undergoing decoration and it will take advantage of its relationship with Auchan to enter the Beijing market.

Public statistics show that Rt-Mart's sales from individual stores reached CNY333 million in 2008 and its revenue in the first quarter of 2009 was CNY11.56 billion.

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  1. wer can i find RT market in shanghai? pls add map

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