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Chinese Electronics Retailers Offer Mobile Phone Trade-in Deals

Chinese electronics retailers Dazhong and Gome have announced that they have launched mobile phone trade-in activities in Beijing, offering a buy-back of up to CNY200.

With the approach of the new year, mobile phone trade-in has become a new battlefield for electronics retail channels. Following Gome Guangdong's launch of this new promotion offer, the Beijing branches of Dazhong and Gome have also started mobile phone trade-in activities.

Consumers who provide their identification cards and old mobile phone when buying new mobile phones in Dazhong and Gome's stores in Beijing can gain some some credit their old mobile phones and a subsidy of 10% of the price of the new mobile phones, with an upper limit of CNY200.

So far, major home appliances, including air-conditioners, color television, refrigerators, washing machines, and computers, have all been included in the national trade-in subsidy policies in China. However, mobile phones, with higher per-capita holdings, do not enjoy similar offers.

A public survey shows that about 100 million mobile phones are discarded in China each year. In first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, over 10 million used mobile phones remain in the hands of consumers.

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  1. Daniel Harrison | January 26, 2010 at 10:05 pm |

    Mobile phone deals, trade-in deals in particular, will really help the Chinese market. Cheaper phones and better deals are set to be the future of mobile in the emerging market.

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