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Direct Sellers Agree Self Regulation In China

All 15 companies that are approved to run direct-selling businesses in China, have signed a self-discipline pact.

The 15 direct-selling companies are reported to be: Amway (China); Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Company; Perfect China Company; Avon China; Pro-Health China; Infinitus China; New Era China; the Direct-selling Management Center of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group; Jiangsu Anhui Biotech Company; Tianjin KaslyJu Cosmetic Company; Oriflame Cosmetics (China) Company; Ningbo Sansheng Commodity Company; Nanjing Joymain Science and Technical Development Company; Herbalife (China) Health Product Company; and Melaleuca Shanghai Wellness Products Company.

The parties promise to improve their self-discipline, promote the healthy development of direct-selling enterprises; and provide high quality direct selling services for consumers according to the relevant rules in China.

This is said to be the first time that direct-selling companies have signed a self-discipline compact since China's Direct-selling Rule was enacted in 2005.

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  1. Great, now Amway needs to shut down the Amway Tool Scam in the U.S., before they get shut down over the negative publicity that will obviously come from this BIG news:

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