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Nokia To Expand Sales Network For Extended Warranty Service In China

The Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has announced that it will expand its sales network for extended warranty service in China and will offer an additional warranty period of 12 months to Chinese users.

According to Nokia, it will start to sell the extended warranty service in its specialty stores in China. Chinese users now can purchase the service in Nokia's 160 specialty stores and 490 customer service centers around China.

With the new service, users of Nokia mobile phones will be able to enjoy another 12 months of warranty service, in addition to the existing 12-month warranty. This new service covers nearly all types of Nokia mobile phones.

Nokia said that consumers can either purchase the extended warranty service when buying their Nokia mobile phones or buy it before the end of the original 12-month warranty. They only need to select solutions that are suitable for the modes of their mobile phones to gain the service.

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