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Basketball Star Yao Ming Launches Electronics In China

American electronics and headphones firm Monster is partnering with Houston Rockets star Yao Ming to develop a broad range of co-branded 'Yao Monster' consumer electronics and lifestyle products for distribution in China.

Noel Lee, Monster's founder, stated: "While there is tremendous opportunity in the China marketplace, there are many barriers to expansive distribution that make it a challenge for companies seeking to penetrate the market. So, in developing the Yao Monster line, we went to great lengths to create products with strong appeal to China's lifestyles and trends."

In perfect English, a company press release has Yao Ming eloquently stating: "Whether it's a headphone, a bag or a music player, today's products are not just about usage. A person's choice also represents their style and the kind of life they want to live. Yao Monster products will be different from any existing consumer electronics products and will be designed to impact they way we relax, how we exercise, and how we inspire ourselves. They will bring people more real enjoyment in life, and let them feel the incredible excitement of a fusion of technology and life."

The distribution terms, locations, and financial details for this deal have not yet been revealed.

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