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China Unicom's Retail Outlets Begin New iPhone Sales Today

A representative from Unicom Vsens, the terminal subsidiary of China Unicom, has confirmed to the local media that China Unicom will launch the 8G iPhone 3GS handset with a Wi-Fi feature in China today.

The new product will reportedly be sold with a 24-month contract at the price of CNY4,999. The introduction of this 8G iPhone 3GS product has appeared on the Chinese official website of Apple and it is marked as "to be launched soon".

Prior to this, China Unicom launched 8G iPhone 3G, 16G iPhone 3GS, and 32G iPhone 3GS products in China, but none of these handsets had the Wi-Fi function, which has weakened Chinese users' desire to purchase the Apple-developed smartphones.

In addition, an insider from China Unicom revealed that the company is preparing for the introduction of iPhone 4 and iPad into the Chinese mainland market and is currently making the Micro SIM cards for the two products. These products are expected to be available for Chinese mainland users in September 2010.

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