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Hola Opens Eighth Home Supplies Store In Beijing

Taiwanese decoration supplies company Hola has opened its eighth store in Beijing at ECMall.

This is also the company's 25th outlet in the Chinese mainland market.

Located in Zhongguancun trading area, ECMall is adjacent to the Huangzhuang subway station, where subway line four and subway line ten meet, said Gu Yihua, general manager of Hola. With daily traffic of over 100,000 people, this area is a gathering place for business people and white collars and its shopping environment suits Hola's orientation.

The new Hola store provides home products, including tableware, textile beddings, and kitchenware, as well as considerate services to meet consumers' demands for the beauty of home life.

Hola started its active distribution from the beginning of 2010. It not only expanded virtual channels like e-commerce and phone order, but also enhanced layout of physical stores in the first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. According to Gu, Beijing will become Hola's key market for physical store expansion in the future.

2 Comments on "Hola Opens Eighth Home Supplies Store In Beijing"

  1. Patrice Rios | November 21, 2010 at 4:52 am |

    I have heard a lot of great things about Hola. I may consider them in the future.

  2. Carole love | February 9, 2013 at 6:45 pm |

    Looking for store in Bejing where I can buy those round or retangular ornate handles you see on chinese chests and armoires any one know?

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