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Chinese B2C E-commerce Company Plants New Tianjin Headquarters

Chinese B2C e-commerce website has signed an investment agreement with Tianjin Jingbin Industrial Park to build its Tianjin headquarters for CNY1 billion.

This new project will reportedly include the company's accounting headquarters, warehouse center, logistics center, research center, display center, and customer service center.

Li Wenxi, vice mayor of Tianjin, welcomed Vancl on behalf of the government and said the government will strongly support this investment project and provide the best services to ensure its smooth construction. He said the project is expected to make contributions to the economic development of the city's Wuqing district and the entire city.

As one of the leading fashion B2C e-commerce websites in China, Vancl has a well-known brand. The new Tianjin headquarters project is committed to Internet information services, computer network technology development, warehousing facilities operation and management, and related consulting services. It will promote the gathering of e-commerce industry operators in Wuqing, accelerate the construction of a regional e-commerce hub, and help Tianjin's establishment as a national e-commerce model city.

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