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China's Dicos Launches Employee Franchise Program

Dicos, a China-based Western-style fast food restaurant chain, announced that the company will open franchising rights to employees.

According to Dicos, any restaurant manager who works for Dicos for at least one year and has CNY100,000 in franchise funding can participate in this program. Dicos will provide complete training and guidance to those participants to minimize the risks faced by employees. Meanwhile, the company will offer flexible policy support to become a strong backing for the franchisees.

By 2013, Dicos had developed over 2,000 chain restaurants in China. In 2014, the company plans to add over 500 additional restaurants in mainland China, of which 90% will be opened by franchisees. The chain restaurants of Dicos are mainly located in second- and third-tier Chinese cities, where the competition is less severe.

Statistics also show that by 2013, KFC had 4,200 chain restaurants in China while McDonald's had 1,400 chain restaurants.

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  1. I want to open franchise Dicos in public location how i can get and what’s the investment minimum and maximum

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