Retailing, Franchising, and Consumerism Business Intelligence in China Closes Fake Goods Sellers In China

Following the lead of other e-commerce companies such as,, the Internet shopping platform launched by Baidu, has closed 15 stores for selling fake goods.

This move is a part of an initiative that Baidu calls Spring Thunder which will last from February 17 until March 31, 2009. During this period, will publish the list of the banned sellers in its online forum every day.

This special initiative targets sellers who violate the regulations of the platform and sell fake goods to consumers. Once the website gets proof of the sales of fake goods, the sellers will be listed on a credit blacklist and when the number or value of the sold fake goods accumulates to a certain amount, these sellers will be eliminated from permanently.

A representative from said that since the platform has been launched, its trading volume continues to increase and the number of registered sellers had reached 100,000 when it was open for just 20 days. To protect the interests and rights of consumers to the greatest extent, the website plans to look for irregular activities.

The representative also said that the goal of this special action is to maintain a good shopping environment and to promote fair, just and open competition among online shop owners. In the future, the company will impose prompt and severe penalties on sellers who sell fake goods. At the same time, it will call on consumers to report irregular activities.

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    This site, AKA the 2000store (note the difference) sent me a PSP 3000 that was anything but. I will gladly offer photos and details. It was shipped in an open PSP box and is clearly a fruadulent knock off.

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