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B&Q Opens First New Model Flagship Store In Shanghai

Home decoration retailer B&Q has opened a new generation flagship store in Shanghai, its first such flagship store in China since its introduction of a new retail model.

Aiming to provide better products and services to consumers, B&Q's new generation flagship store has been upgraded and revamped in various ways, including: store image, layout, product display, and customer service. In addition, the new B&Q attaches more importance to the use of color and the variety of its products to attract the ever growing female consumer group.

Instead of its traditional orange color, the new generation flagship store uses purple as its main color and it also adopts pink, bright blue, yellow, and white to decorate its four major functional areas: the interior decoration area, the kitchen and bathroom area, the building materials area; and the renovation and design area.

The new store offers over 20,000 products in 19 major categories, including fabrics, furniture, lights, gardening supplies, kitchen and bathroom equipment, timber, paint, and tiles.

3 Comments on "B&Q Opens First New Model Flagship Store In Shanghai"

  1. It wuld be nice to include the address of the flagship store.

  2. Where is this store ?
    Any idea…

  3. Rick Keller | April 3, 2009 at 11:46 am |

    Hi I'm a consultant who worked on this with them. This is their Putuo store at 1318 Meichuan Road.

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